Children Bereavement Center's Lunch & Learn series is offered FREE for community champions and mental health professionals. Each session offers training, resources and Q&A. CE Credit available for a fee for mental health professionals with licenses in Florida.

June 29, 2023: Finding a Safe Space to Grieve: Special Considerations for LGBTQ+ Grief. Topics include - the unique aspects of grief as experienced by the LGBTQ+ community; the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community that contribute to distinct forms of grief, including discrimination, health disparities, violence, and minority stress; the significance of unique losses within the LGBTQ+ community, such as the loss of chosen family and experiences of disenfranchised grief ; and the vital role of allies in providing support to grieving individuals in the LGBTQ+ community.

May 11, 2023: Healing Through Music: Using Music to Foster Hope and Resilience when Grieving CBC partnered with NAMI of Palm Beach to explore the benefits of incorporating music in processing grief after loss. Hear from CBC Certified Music Therapists and those who attended participated in a live music activity that demonstrates the power of music in healing.

February 8, 2023: Grief & Loss on the Autism Spectrum - This training strives to raise awareness of the unique ways that individuals on the autism spectrum experience and express grief and grief symptoms. It will also provide clinicians/professionals clear ways to support the grief needs of children and adults on the spectrum. Attendees will be educated on the key myths, gaps, and stereotypes about those with autism and how these gaps and challenges may impact the experience of grief and loss. Finally, it will highlight the grief needs of those with dual vulnerability (members of multiple oppressed groups) such as those in unique/diverse/minority populations who have ASD.

December 8, 2022: Understanding Grief Expression in Haitian Communities During the Holidays - To gain a deeper understanding in how to assess, identify, and process grief with Haitian clients and families. While grief is a common emotion, we will explore the ways in which culture plays into how it is expressed, understood, and managed. We will also touch upon how to help clients manage grief during the holiday season.


CBC hosts complimentary online programs in the evening every other month revolving around various topics to have an open conversation about grief and other topics as well as sessions around Self Care. 

May 9, 2023: SOUND BATH & MEDITATION WITH CBC - CBC and healing arts practitioner, LaCriscia Fowlkes hosted a night of inner healing in an immersive experience for the body and mind. A sound bath is a meditative practice that has existed for thousands of years. It incorporates crystal singing bowls and other soothing instruments, which create deep sound vibrations that will wash over you, aligning your energy centers and intentions to relax, heal and decompress. Those who have participated in sound baths have experienced a soothing effect on the mind and body and also help ease symptoms for many conditions, including: chronic pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder

March 21, 2023: Chair Yoga with CBC & Krista Miller, Unahu Healing ArtsCBC hosted a night of wellness and relaxation with Yoga Instructor, Krista Miller of Unahu Healing Arts. Check out this session of yoga exercises and poses that will allow you to stretch, move and connect with your body from a comfortable position.

November 17, 2022: Conversation with the Producers/Screenwriters of the movie Dear Zoe and CBC -On November 4th, 2022 the film, Dear Zoe was released and is a film that focuses on themes of love, loss, grief and resilience. The Children's Bereavement Center (FL) hosted a conversation with Marc and Brenda, Screenwriters and Producers of Dear Zoe on November 17th for Children Grief Awareness Day and Give Miami Day.

October 6, 2022: Cultivating a Practice of Self Care -A night of self-care! We will explored the benefits of incorporating everyday self-care strategies as part of your healing journey. We engaged in a few exercises to help instill an important practice of self-love and self-compassion… including brief sessions on: • Mindfulness • Relaxation / Breathing • Chair yoga • Followed by Q&A

September 28, 2022: Breathing Through Grief -Breathwork can help reduce stress, increase alertness, and boost your immune system. This breathwork session is designed to connect to self and your innermost feelings and intentions with this mindfulness experience. Hosted by LaCriscia Fowlkes, MBA, MSSM with Rooted In Love and Truth.

June 23, 2022:Grief in the LGBTQ+ Community -Hear from CBC's Clinical Director, Dr. Daniel Sheridan as he does a presentation about CBC grief support groups offering a friendly and supportive setting for LGBTQ+ individuals experiencing grief related to loss. He also addresses: • Disenfranchised Grief • Specific considerations for grief among LGBTQ+ individuals • How to support a grieving individual who is part of the LGBTQ+ community • Information about the Children’s Bereavement Center and our free, virtual grief support groups.

October 10, 2012: Walking with Grief: Mindy Cassel at TEDxCoconutGrove -Mindy Cassel speaking at TEDxCoconutGrove at Ransom Everglades School in Miami, Florida about her observations that the loss of a loved one is not something we should get over or move past, but instead something we must integrate into our lives. Mindy is a licensed psychologist and thanatologist and the co-founder and CEO of the Children's Bereavement Center (CBC). The CBC provides free peer support to children, teens, and adults (18 years and older), and their families after the loss of a loved one. Mindy came to this work after 25 years of studying and working with individuals and families who experienced traumatic illness, accidents and major life transitions. Her doctoral dissertation was in the study of attachment and loss, which gave her the theoretical underpinnings to do her current work.

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