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The following books are offered as a reference for those dealing with death or supporting others with a loss. Please contact the CBC if you have a recommended addition to this bibliography or would like to submit a book for review.

*Indicates books for preschool / early elementary
R- Books Recommended by the CBC

Adults Caregivers / Reference:

Abbey, A. (Editor), Journey's: Stories of Pregnancy After Loss (stories by bereaved parents after pregnancy loss coupled with stories of successful births, detailed so the reader has a helping had coping through a subsequent pregnancy)
Adams, D., Deveau, E., Beyond the Innocence of Childhood: Helping Children and Adolescents Cope With Death and Bereavement
Antinori, D., Journey Through Pet Loss
Bernstein, J, & Rudman, M. Books to Help Children Cope with Separation and Loss
Cave, A.G. & Skivington, J, Balloons for Trevor: Understanding Death
Crenshaw, D., Counseling the Grieving Throughout the Life Cycle
Davidson, J. & Doka, K., Living with Grief: At Work, At School, At Worship
Doka, K., Living with Grief: Children, Adolescents, and Loss
Dougy Center, After A Suicide (Workbook for Kids)
Dubois, E., I Never Held You (Women's Grief after miscarriage)
Fitzgerald, H., The Grieving Child
Fitzpatrick, J. G., Small Wonder: How to Answer You Child's Impossible Questions About Life
Goldman, L., Life & Loss-2nd Edition
Grollman, E., Bereaved Children and Teens
Grollman, E., Talking About Death:  A Dialogue Between Parent and Child
Gullo, S., Death and Children: A Guide for Educators, Parents and Caregivers
Heegaard, M., When Someone Very Special Dies, kids workbook
Huntley, T., Helping Children Grieve: When Someone They Love Dies
Hynes, A. Bibliotherapy: The Interactive Process: A Handbook 
Johnson, J. & Johnson, M., Children Grieve, Too: A Book for Families Who Have Experienced Death
Jones, E.H. Bibliotherapy for Bereaved Children: Healing Reading 
Klass, D, The Spiritual Lives of Bereaved Parents
Klass, Silverman, and Nickman, Eds., Continuing Bonds
Kroen, W.C. & Espeland, P., Helping Children Cope with the Loss of a Loved One: A Guide for Grownups
Lieberman, A., Compton, N., Van Horn, P., & Ippen, C., Losing a Parent to Death in the Early Years
Martin, J., Star Child: A Mother’s Journey Through Grief (loss of a son) 
Martin, T. & Doka, K., Men Don't Cry, Women Do
Mellonie, B. & Ingpen, R., Lifetimes: The Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children
Nadeau, J.W., Families Making Sense of Loss
Neimeyer, R., Lessons of Loss
Osofsky, J. & Fitzgerald, H.(Eds), WAIMH Handbook of Infant Mental Health - 4 Volume Set
O’Toole, D., Helping Children Grieve & Grow – A Guide For Those Who Care 
Pardeck, J.A. Bibliotherapy: A Clinical Approach for Helping Children 
Roberts, R., Recognizing and Responding: Infant and Toddler Grief
Rubel, B., But I Didn't Say Goodbye (Suicide)
Schaeffer, D., & Lyons, How Do We Tell The Children?: A Step-By-Step Guide for Helping Children Two to Teen Cope When Someone Dies
Schuurman, D., Never the Same: Coming to Terms With The Death of A Parent
Silverman, J., Help Me Say Goodbye: Activities for Helping Kids Cope When A Special Person Dies
Silverman, P., Never Too Young To Know; Death In Children's Lives
Smilansky, S., On Death: Helping Children Understand and Cope
Stone, H., Forever Our Angels (personal stories by men and women who experienced miscarriage)
White, P.G., Sibling Grief – Healing After The Death of a Sister or Brother 
Worden, J.W., Children and Grief: When A Parent Dies

Adults Facing Grief:

Attig, T., The Heart of Grief
Brabant, S., Mending the Torn Fabric
Eggers, D., A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
Gerson, S., Disaster Falls - Eloquent and heart-felt truth of family loss of 8 year old son.  Honest and insightful, this book will resonate with families dealing with tragic loss of a child.
Gilbert, A., Always Too Soon: Voices of Support For Those Who Have Lost Both Parents
Hone, L., Resilient Grieving: Finding Strength and Embracing Life After a Loss That Changes Everything
Lewis, C.S., A Grief Observed (especially useful to men)
Rando, T., How To Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies
Schweibert , P. and DeKlyen, C., Tear Soup; Perinatal Loss, All ages

Adults – Spirituality:

Anderson, G.,Walking in the Garden of Souls
Brinkley, D., Saved by the Light
Chapman, Social Support & Loss During Adolescence
Chopra, D., Quantum Healing
Dossey, L., Recovering the Soul
Guggenheim, B. & Guggenheim J., Hello From Heaven, Longwood FL: The ADC Project, 1995
Holzer, H., Life Beyond: Compelling Evidence for Past Lives and Existence After Death
Martin, J., & Romanowski, P., We Are Not Forgotten 
Moody, R., Life After Life 
Moody, R., Reflections on Life After Life 
Moody, R., Reunions: Visionary Encounters with departed Loved Ones 
Moody, R., The Light Beyond 
Morse, M., Closer to the Light: Learning from the Near Death Experiences of Children 
Morse, M., Transformed by the Light 
Newton, M., Journey of Souls 
Newton, M., Destiny of Souls 
Newton, M., Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression 
Orloff, J., Second Sight
Ringler, et al., Adolescent Bereavement & Social Support
Roberts, J., The Oversoul Seven Trilogy
Weiss, B., Many Lives, Many Masters
Weiss, B., Only Love is Real
York, Remembering Well; Rituals for Celebrating Life & Mourning Death

For Middle and Senior High School:

Ames, M., Who Will Speak for the Lamb
Blume, J., Tiger Eyes
Brack, P. & Brack, B., Moms Don't Get Sick
Bratman, F., Everything You Need To Know When A Parent Dies
Buchanan-Smith, D., A Taste of Blackberries
Buckingham, R & Huggard, S., Coping With Grief
Carter, F., The Education of Little Tree
Creech, S., Chasing Redbird
Creech, S., Walk Two Moons
Dorfman, E., The C-Word: Teenagers and Their Families Living With Cancer
Dower, L., I Will Remember You: What to do when someone you love dies: a guidebook through grief for teens
Fitzgerald, H., The Grieving Teen: A Guide for Teenagers and Their Friends
Fox, P., The Eagle Kite
Frost, D., Dad! Why'd You Leave Me?
Fry, V., Part of Me Died Too
Geller, N., The Last Teenage Suicide
Gibbons, K., Ellen Foster
Goldman, L., Breaking the Silence: A Guide to Help Children with Complicated Grief - Suicide, Homicide, AIDS, Violence and Abuse
Gootman, M., When A Friend Dies: A Book for Teens About Grieving & Healing
Grant, C., Phoenix Rising & How to Survive Your Life
Gravelle, K., & Haskins, C., Teenagers Face to Face with Bereavement
Grollman, E., Straight Talk About Death With Teens: How to Cope With Losing Someone You Love
Grollman, E. & Johnson, J., A Teenager's Book About Suicide (Workbook)
Hadley, I., So Long At The Fair, 1988 H.S. Senior male deals with suicide of his girlfriend
Hurwin, D., A Time For Dancing, illness/loss of friend due to cancer
Hyde, M., Meeting Death
Klicker, R., A Student Dies, A School Mourns: Dealing with Death & Loss in the School Community
Kolf, J.C., Teenagers Talk About Grief
Krementz, J., How It Feels When A Parent Dies
Kubler-Ross, E., Remember The Secret
Kuehn, E., After Suicide – Living With The Questions 
Kurland, M., Coping With AIDS - Facts and Fears
LeShan, E., Learning to Say Goodbye When a Parent Dies
Little, J., Mama's Going To Buy You A Mockingbird
Lowry, L., A Summer To Die
Mahy, M., Memory
Mann, P., There Are Two Kinds of Terrible
McDaniel, L., Too Young To Die
McDaniel, L., Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever
McDaniel, L., Somewhere Between Life and Death
McDaniel, L., Time To Let Go
McDaniel, L., Mourning Song
McDaniel, L., A Time To Die
McGuire, L., Death and Illness
Naughton, J., My Brother Stealing Second
Ness, P. & Kay, J., A Monster Calls - A pre-teen boy befriends a monster who helps him understand his mother’s looming death.
O'Toole, D., Facing Change - Falling Apart & Coming Together Again in the Teen Years
Paterson, K., The Bridge To Terabithia
Perschy, M.K., Helping Teens Work Through Grief
Richter, E., Losing Someone You Love: When a Brother or Sister Dies
Schleifer, J., Everything You Need to Know When Someone You Know Has Been Killed 
Spies, K., Everything You Need To Know About Grieving
Taylor, B., Everything You Need To Know About AIDS
Traisman, E., Fire in My Heart, Ice in My Veins: A Journal for Teenagers Experiencing a Loss.
Tyson, J., The Common Threads of Teenage Grief (written by teens and a school counselor)
Wallace, B., Christmas Spurs
Wolfelt, A., Healing Your Grieving Heart For Teens - 100 Practical Ideas
Yukio, T., Faithful Elephants: A True Story of Animals, People and War, 1988, story of war and its effect on animals and people

For Elementary School Age Children:

Adams, C. & J., The Dragonfly Secret, ages 8 to adult, loss of child, spiritual
Adams, C. & J., The Dragonfly Door, loss and change with 2 insect friends, spiritual
Adler, C.S., Daddy's Climbing Tree, upper elementary, girl's father killed hit and run 
Alexander, A.K. A Mural for Mamita, girl's grandmother dies of cancer
Alexander, S., Nadia The Willful, Nadia's older brother dies
Althea, When Uncle Bob Died, preparation for the death of someone close, 4-8 years
* Anderson, J., The Key into Winter, seasons as a metaphor
Bahr, M., If Nathan Were Here, boy mourns loss of friend
* Bartoli, J., Nonna, Grandmother death
Berry, J., Every Kid's Guide to Coping With Childhood Trauma
Bo, A, I Must Tell You Something, 125 pages, girl's sudden death of mother
Bock, C., Wings, story of transformation about accepting change 
Bohlmeiher, A., Something Very Sorry, girl's family is in a serious car crash, mother dies after being removed from life support
* Boulden, J. & J., Goodbye Forever, Activity Book
Brisson, P., Sky Memories, 11 year old girl deals with mother’s illness and death 
* Brown, M. W., The Dead Bird
* Brown, M. W., The Runaway Bunny
* Brown, L., Brown, M., When Dinosaurs Die: A guide to understanding death
* Bunting, E., The Happy Funeral, Chinese-Americans at grandfather's funeral
* Bunting, E., The Memory String, girl adjusting to mother’s death and new stepmother 
* Bunting, E., On Call Back Mountain, 32 pages, early elementary
* Bunting, E., Smoky Night, urban violence/pets/Caldecott medal
Bunting, E., The Summer of Riley, boy adjusting to parents divorce and grandfather's death
Burnett, F.H., Secret Garden, orphan
Carlstrom, N., Blow Me A Kiss Miss Lilly, illness/loss of friend, elderly woman
* Carney, K., Barklay & Eve Series (various titles)
* Carrick, C., The Accident, dog dies
Carson, J., You Hold Me And I'll Hold You, great aunt dies
* Caseley, J., When Grandpa Came to Stay, grandfather cries over grandmother's death
* Catton, J.B., Love Never Dies, story and workbook, young boy’s father dies, 3 versions – Hispanic, African-American, Caucasian 
* Clancy, T.G., Dylan Remembers Daddy, 4 year old girl wonders where her father went
Claudy, A.F., Dusty Was My Friend, an 8 yr old boy grieves his friend, who died in a car accident
Cleaver, V., Where The Lillies Bloom, orphan - father loss
Clifford, E., The Remembering Box
* Clifton, L., Everett Anderson's Goodbye, boy's death of father (African-American)
* Coerr, E., The Josefina Quilt, pet loss
Cohen, C., & Heiney, J., Daddy's Promise
* Cohn, J., I Had A Friend Named Peter; Talking To Children About The Death Of A Friend
Corey, D., You Go Away
Cosby, B., The Day I Saw My Father Cry, Little Bill and his father experience death of special friend 
R- DeBay, K., The Grief Bubble: Helping Kids Explore and Understand Grief 
* DePaola, T., Nana Upstairs, Nana Downstairs, boy's relationship with grandmother and great grandmother
Dengler, Marianna, The Worry Stone, coping with sorrow, loneliness 
DiSalvo-Ryan, A Dog Like Jack, pet loss
* Dodge, N., Thumpy's Story: A Story of Love and Grief Shared by Thumpy, the Bunny
Dokas, D., Remembering Momma
Doros, A., Abuela, girl's story of her grandmother
Douglas, E. Rachel and the Upside Down Heart
Ennis, Eileen, You Wouldn't Understand, A 9 year old boy thinks noone understands his feelings after his teacher dies
Erlbruch , Wolf, Duck, Death and the Tulip ,Helps kids explore an existential concept of death. A newly translated and darkly funny German book. It begins, “For a while now, Duck had a feeling.” Duck finds that Death is following her, and she is initially freaked out
* Ewart, C., The Giant, mother loss, father (giant) looking after her
* Fassler, J., My Grandpa Died Today
Fox, M., Tough Boris, Boris, the pirate's parrot dies
Fox, M., Sophie
Gersie, A. Storymaking in Bereavement
Gibbons, K., Ellen Foster, orphan's mother suicide, alcoholic father
Glowatsky, P., The Light of Stars, metaphorical
Graeber, C., Mustard, aging and death of a cat
Gray, L.M., Rowland, J., Miss Tizzy, illness/loss of friend, elderly woman
Gray, N., Little Bear's Granpa
Grollman, E, & Johnson, J., A Complete Book About Death For Kids
* Gryte, M., No New Baby: For Siblings Who Have a Brother or Sister Die Before Birth
Hanson, W. The Next Place, beautiful spiritual
* Harris, R., Goodbye Mousie, early elementary pet loss
* Hazen, B., Why Did Grandpa Die
Heegaard, M.E., Drawing Together to Learn About Feelings
Heegaard, M.E., Saying Goodbye To Your Pet
* Heegaard, M.E., When Someone Very Special Dies, activity book
Hemery, K. M., The Brightest Star (mother loss)
Hemery, K. M., The Healing Tree
Henkes, K., Good-bye Curtis, a retiring (after 42 years) postman
Henkes, K., Sun and Spoon, 10 yr old boy finds memento of grandmother
Hesse, K., Poppy's Chair
* Hickman, M., Last Week My Brother Anthony Died (newborn loss)
Higginbotham, Anastasia, Death Is Stupid, Death of  a grandmother. Activity book to help process the emotions of grief. “Is the book I’d give to a kid who is grieving and angry. It’s as much a workbook as a story, didactic but potentially very helpful. Tells the story of a kid coping with his grandmother’s death. He’s (rightly) furious at platitudes like “she’s in a better place,” “now she can rest,” and “be grateful for the time you had with her.” He’s upset by his dad’s loud sobbing. But in the end, the boy and his father come together by tending Gramma’s garden and making her famous tomato sauce.
Hines, A.G., Remember The Butterflies, grandparent loss
Hipp, E. Help for the Hard Times: Getting Through Loss
Hodge, J., Finding Grandpa Everywhere: A Young Child Discovers Memories of a Grandparent
Holmes, M.M., A Terrible Thing Happened, ages 4-8, a story for children who have witnessed violence or trauma 
Holmes, M.M., Sam's Dad Died, 2 friends whose fathers dies
Hopkinson, D. Bluebird Summer
Hucek, M. Lilacs for Grandma, girl's death of grandmother
Hughes, S. Alfie And The Birthday Surprise
Jaffe, S., For The Grieving Child: An Activities Manual, includes section for caregivers
* Johnson, J., Where's Jess?, death of a baby sibling
Johnson, J. & M., Tell Me, Papa
Juke, M., Blackberries In The Dark, boy's grandfather died
Kadono, E., Grandpa's Soup, multi-ethnic/animal friends
Kantorwitz, M., When Violet Died (bird)
* Keller, H., Goodbye Max, dog loss replaced in a week, early elementary
Klein, L., The Best Gift For Mom
Kramer, DVM, J., A Gift From Rex; All ages 
Kroll, V., Fireflies, Peach Pies and Lullabies
Lanton, S., Daddy's Chair
Levis, Caron and Santoso, Charles, Ida, Always, A gorgeous story based on the lives of two polar bears at the Central Park Zoo, Gus and Ida. It’s a superb look at death and grief that holds its own as a deceptively simple story about friendship. The book takes us gently through Ida’s decline and Gus’s grieving process. Gus mourns, but he also remembers what Ida always said about the city: “You don’t have to see it to feel it.” That’s true of his love for his friend, too.
Liss-Levinson, PhD., N. and Phinney Baskette, MDiv, M., Remembering My Pet; Ages 7-13
* London, J, Long, S, Liplap's Wish, ages 4-9, rabbit's story of Grandma loss
Loring, P., Johnson, J., Lucy Lettuce, metaphor
Marshall, B., Animal Crackers: A Tender Book About Death, Funerals and Love (Grandma Loss)
McDaniel, L., Please Don't Die, illness/loss of friend, heart transplant
McLaughlin, K. The Memory Box, boy's grandfather has Alzheimer's
Meng, Cece, illustrated by Jago, Always Remember, Old Turtle swims his last swim and breathes his last breath, and his friends remember and celebrate his life.
Mills, L., The Rag Coat
Montgomery, L.M., Anne of Green Gable, orphan
Montgomery, L.M., Emily of New Moon, orphan
* Morehead, D., A Special Place for Charlee: A Child's Companion Through Pet Loss; Ages 4-12 
Morning, B. Grandfather's Shirt
R- Mundy, M., Sad Isn't Bad, grief as a normal process
R- Munoz-Kiehne, M., Since My Brother Died / Desede Que Muri' Mi Hermano, text in English and Spanish
Munsch, R., Love You Forever, trans-generational
Newman, L., Too Far Away To Touch, early elementary, girl's uncle dying of AIDs
Old, W., Stacy Had A Little Sister (SIDS death)
* O'Toole, D., Aarvy Aardvark Finds Hope, loss of mother and brother
Owens, C., Missing Maggie, The Death of a Pet, young boy’s dog dies
Owens, C.S., My Heart is Sad, boy’s grandmother 
Park, L.S., A Single Shard, orphan, 2002 Newberry medal
Parker, M., Jasper's Day, terminally ill dog
*Parr, Todd, The Goodbye Book, Death of a friend or pet for very young children. It’s appropriate for kids as young as 2, since even tiny kids are familiar with Parr’s primary-colored, super simple work and ultra-basic sentence structure
Philipson, S.J., Annie Loses Her Leg But Finds Her Way; All ages (Pet Springer Spaniel)
Pitzer, S. Grandfather Hurant Lives Forever, boy's Armenian grandfather
Polacco, P., Mrs. Katz and Tush, African-American boy and elderly Jewish neighbor
Polacco, P., The Keeping Quilt, lifespan Jewish immigrants
Powell, E.S., Geranium Morning (friends help each other after parent loss)
Puttock, S., A Story For Hippo: A Book About Loss, animal friends
Reagan, J., Always My Brother, young girl deals with older brother’s death 
Ringtved, Glenn, illustrated by Pardi, Charlotte Cry Heart, But Never Break, Children dealing with the pending death of their grandmother. Four children try to protect their very ill grandmother from Death, who is sitting in their kitchen. But after chatting with him, they come to understand that death is inevitable.
Robinson, Christian, The Dead Bird, originally published by Margaret Wise Brown in 1938 and now redone.  Children understanding and processing death through ritual. In the story, children find a dead bird, still warm. It gradually stiffens in their hands. They’re sorry it’s dead, but glad that they can give it a funeral.
* Rogers, F., When A Pet Dies
Ruiz, R.A., Coping With The Death of a Brother or Sister
* Rylant,C., Cat Heaven; Ages 4-8
* Rylant,C., Dog Heaven; Ages 4-8 
R- Sabin, E., The Healing Book, activity book invites children to express feelings and record memories of loved one 
Schmidt, G, The Sin Eater, boy's relationship with grandfather after mother's death from cancer & father suicide
R- Scrivani, M., I Heard Your Daddy Died, will inspire discussion about feelings and ways to cope 
R- Scrivani, M., I Heard Your Mommy Died, will inspire discussion about feelings and ways to cope 
Shriver, M., What’s Heaven, young girl seeks answers after death of great grandmother
Silverstein, S. Where the Sidewalk Ends
* Silverstein, S., The Giving Tree
Simmonds, P., Fred, pet loss and funeral explanation
* Simon, J., This Book Is for All Kids, but Especially My Sister Libby. Libby Died.
* Simon, N., The Saddest Time, 3 short stories ' father, grandmother, uncle
Simon, N., We Remember Philip, a boy's teacher's son dies
Smith, D.B., A Taste of Blackberries
Spyri, J., Heidi, orphan
* Stein, S., About Dying, Two narratives (1 for adults, 1 for kids), death of pet and grandfather
Stevens, S., Isabelle and Grandma Birdie, girl learns lessons about cycle of life that help her after grandmother dies 
* Stiles, N., I'll Miss You Mr. Hooper (based on the Sesame Street TV Script)
Tache, T., Turned Upside Down, written as a conversation between a child and their loved one 
* Temes, R., The Empty Place: A Child's Guide Through Grief, sibling loss
Thomas, J.R., Saying Goodbye to Grandma, 7 year old girl attends grmo funeral and explores rituals
R- * Thomas, P., I Miss You: A First Look at Death, Friend Loss; family general bereavement
Thomas, I., Hi Mrs. Mallory 
Tiffault, B., McConnell, M., A Quilt for Elizabeth, girl's father death
Varley, S., Badger’s Parting Gifts, animals remember dead friend 
* Vigna, J., Saying Goodbye to Daddy, kindergarten girl's father dies
* Viorst, J., The 10th Good Thing About Barney (Cat loss)
Vogel, R.H. The Snowman
Warberg, S., Growing Time, (dog death)
Warner, G.C., The Boxcar Children & Surprise Island, orphan
Webster, J., Daddy-Long-Legs, orphan
Weil, J., And Peter Said Goodbye, young boy deals with grandfather’s death
Weinsier, J. & Bearman, C. (Illustrations), Where Do We Go? The Good Grief Book 
R-Wigglesworth, P., Penny Bear's Gift of Love
Wild, M., Our Granny, a salute to grandmothers
* Wilhelm, H., I'll Always Love You, dog loss
Williams, J., Mrs. Magruder and the Purple Hat, a young girl and her aging neighbor
* Williams, M., The Velveteen Rabbit
Williams, V. A Chair For My Mother, fire destroys home, girl/mother/gm show determination
Winsch, J.L., After The Funeral, shares secret thoughts and experiences children have when someone special dies 
Winslow, B., Dance On A Seal Skin, Eskimo
Woodson, J., Sweet Sweet Memory, girl's grandfather
R-Zeefe, L., When I Leave, story and activity book 
Ziefert, H., Ode to Humpty Dumpty (rituals)
* Zolotow, C., My Grandson Lew



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