Why Grief Support Groups Work

At the Children's Bereavement Center, we believe that grief is meant to be shared. Time after time, we see the growth that stems from the people in our grief support groups who help each other build resilience and hope for the future. Read just a handful of reasons you should attend one of our welcoming grief support groups in South Florida:

1. Realizing You're Not Alone

Our support groups are filled with people who are struggling with a death, just like you. Members of our groups often leave feeling a sense of relief knowing that they're not the only ones struggling with losing a loved one.

2. Expressing Grief in Your Own Way

There are no stages of grief. Grieving is a natural and healthy process that is unique to you. At our support groups, we believe in every member's innate capacity to heal herself or himself.

3. Gaining a Feeling of Empowerment

Children, teens and adults benefit from the camaraderie that exists in our support groups. Knowing that the feelings you're experiencing are normal often times instills a sense of control and empowerment.

4. Building Hope and Resilience

Grief support systems can often lead to positive growth and systematic change. After a destabilizing death, grief support groups can help you build the social support you need to lift you from the loss you're grappling with.

5. Helping Others

By participating in a grief support group, you're not only helping yourself but you're also helping other members find hope during their darkest times. That uplifting feeling of support helps you gain compassion and understanding of each other's unique grief.

The Children's Bereavement Center Has a Group for You

The Children's Bereavement Center's grief support groups are completely free! We host support groups at 10 locations in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. At each location, we welcome children, teens and adults to participate in their own peer support groups. A free pizza dinner is provided before groups meet every week!

Interested in learning more about our groups? Just give us a call at 888-988-5438 or sign up here

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