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About Us

Our Mission & Model

The Children's Bereavement Center and adult division Lift From Loss provides free Peer Support Groups for children, young adults, and adults after the death of a loved one.  Groups are open to anyone who has lost a parent, sibling, grandparent, relative, or friend as a result of illness, accident, suicide, or homicide.  Losses can be recent or in years past.  Groups are held on weekday evenings and are open to children ages 4 and older, teens, young adults and adults. Adult support groups are available in both English, Spanish and Creole. Registration is required and can join by calling 888-988-5438 for information or to register.

Children’s Bereavement Center’s Mission:

Children’s Bereavement Center's mission is to empower children, young adults and their families to adjust to life after the loss of a loved one within a supportive community of their peers and to promote healthful grief, healing and growth.

Children’s Bereavement Center’s Vision:

Children’s Bereavement Center vision is to restore a sense of hope for the future to children and families who have lost a loved one and to establish Children’s Bereavement Center’s model of peer support as the best practice model of child and family bereavement services.

CBC's "Healthful Grieving Model"

The philosophy of CBC is grounded in research and best practices for addressing grief and bereavement, as well as healthful adaptation to loss. To achieve its goals, CBC developed and utilizes its "Healthful Grieving Model," which includes the following principles:

  • Grief is a normal, natural and individualized process.
  • People have the ability to heal at their own pace, in their own unique way.
  • The intensity and duration of grief is unique for each individual.
  • A caring, accepting environment greatly enhances the healing process.
  • The camaraderie among grieving individuals plays a vital role in their healing.
  • The group experience helps children and adults regain a sense of control and empowerment.

CBC's "Healthful Grieving Model," utilized in support groups, will enable participants to:

  • Share experiences with others who have suffered the death of a loved one and reduce their isolation, thereby normalizing the grieving process.
  • Build upon the strengths of each other.
  • Apply effective tools and strategies to cope with those problems associated with their loss.
  • Regain a sense of control and empowerment after a traumatic event.
  • Increase their awareness of the availability of resources and support systems.
  • Maintain their self-esteem and trust in others.
  • Ritualize and integrate the loss in a significant way.
  • Develop and maintain feelings of hope and life in the future.
  • Acknowledge growth and healing.


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